June 12, 2020 Virtual Summit Agenda | Digital Marketers Organization

June 12 Agenda

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Jim ChristianJim Christian
Joe SinkwitzJoe Sinkwitz
TJ Van Der WerfTJ Van Der Werf
Looking at SEO with the Paradigm of the Future

It is a new day in the world of SEO. While many SEO’s are aware that Mobile-First Indexing has fundamentally changed SEO, the day to day work of an SEO has not changed much – but it should have. Search results have diverged more and more from a list of blue links, to a list of a variety of different info modules, many of which, just might be from Google rather than a brand or 3rd party website. Your potential to get the attention of SEO traffic is on the decline as position 1 gets lower and lower on the page. Specialists are missing what customers and generalists see as clear as day. This presentation will be your wakeup call, to help create the new framework for thinking about, and enacting SEO strategy in a new way, with new goals and measures of success.

Cindy KrumCindy Krum
Session Break
Take Your Brand Marketing To The Next Level With SMS Text Messaging

This is the masterclass for brands that want to use SMS text messaging to increase brand loyalty and drive sales. Today’s consumers are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 marketing messages per day. Email is unreliable and crowded. People use ad blockers or develop ad blindness. It’s easy for a marketer or brand manager to start feeling desperate. But there is good news. Text messaging is the lone island of hope if you want to build true brand loyalty and increase the bottom line.

Nick DumitruNick Dumitru
Think Basis Inc.
How to Stop Being a Dumb Marketer: Principles, Strategies, and Tactics

Generating your own edge is crucial to building and marketing winning products. You build your edge by thinking for yourself and you begin thinking for yourself by beginning with a set of first principles. This session will completely change how you think about key pages, marketing, and growing web properties.

Terry GodierTerry Godier
Session Break
Local Domination or Bust

Between brand bias, lead brokers, and algorithmic swings, the competition for local traffic is at an all-time high. In this session Kyle will cover actionable approaches to improve GMB and organic performance, as well as strategies and tactics for overcoming spammers and winning markets. If you’re in local and miss this, you’re just silly.

Kyle SandersKyle Sanders
Complete SEO
Keynote: SEO, Links, and SERP Marketing

This talk promises to be entertaining as well as packed full of actionable knowledge. Jim Boykin will tell stories, give lessons, and talk about SEO, link building, and SERP (search engine results page) marketing during this talk as well as take questions.

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